New Lineup

Fist would like to wish departing members Glenn S Howes and Steve East all the best for their future projects.

The main reason for this post is to announce the new lineup of the band.

Original members Dave Irwin ( Guitar) and Harry "Hiroshima" Hill (Drums) are joined by former vocalist Glenn Coates (Fist, Hollow Ground) and infamous bassist Kev Charlton ( Hellanbach and many more bands too numerous to mention here!)

The new lineup has started to rehearse already and the result , we have to say , is outstanding. The powerhouse vocals of Glenn Coates and the thunderous bass playing of Kev Charlton compliment the band superbly.

We will soon be recording songs for a new album and are looking forward to future live performances.


FIST news
Just to let everyone know, vocalist Glenn Howes is leaving the band 
This is Glenn's decision and to make it clear there are no bad feelings within the band and we remain good friends. 
We would like to thank Glenn for his Vocal skills, playing and background work while in FIST 
We have had some great times and gigs, during his time in FIST, and we wish Glenn all the best for the future. 


New shows for the New Year

Trillians rock bar (Newcastle)  Mearfest North (March)
Really looking forward to this one loads of great bands for a great cause

Bernie Torme Band/FIST -  Unionist Club (South Shields) FIST will be playing support to one of our favourite guitarists

FIST would like to wish everyone a very Heavy Christmas and a Metal New Year -  Cheers !
Next shows comming up are at the Penny Gill (Spennymoor) in November and Hard Rock Hell Xmas Rocka (Sheffield)  in December - see you there !

New Band member: 

Fist are happy to announce our new bass player. Please welcome Stephen East !. Our wesbite will be updated in due course to show his biog. Stephen is an experienced musician and will be a great addition to the band. We look forward to rocking hard with Stephen at the next round of shows

Back With A Vengeance :

Check out the 'Shows' section for information on where you can see the new band line-up Live
 Fist want to say a massive and heart felt thank you to all the fans that attended the Bro Fest 2014 in Newcastle. We had a great gig and are blown away with the positive response, support and the amount of fans we had contact with. We have never met such a bunch of genuinely nice people who clearly love their music. Also a massive thanks to the festival organisers, stage crew, p.a and lighting guys. Bro fest rocks long may it continue!
Band introduction
Originally formed in the late 1970's. (see biog for more info). Yes the 70's!. Fist were/are essentially a hard rocking band with a purpose. The idea was to sound like no one else did. In other words to be completely original. In this they succeeded. As a result the band went on to record a number of albums and tour. Around the time Fist were getting into their stride, along came the NWOBHM. Thats new wave of british heavy metal in case you dont know. Shame on you if you dont!. As a result Fist would always be associated with this musical movement which the members embrace willingly.
Call Fist what you want (steady now) Hard Rock, Heavy Rock or Heavy Metal  the deal is that they are all top musicians that play exactly like who they are. No bullshit from these guys its as real as a band can get. No poser rock here. Together they have written some of the finest, memorable hard rocking songs of the late 70's and early 1980's.
Yeah, there has been a few line up changes here and there and record company hassles on the way. That happens with most bands however with any band that has songs and music as memorable as Fist's, the band as an entity  becomes more important than the sum of its parts. Fist reformed in 2013 and played their first show in many years at the amazing Bro Fest 2014.
Fist continue to entertain and rock!
Fist are:
Glenn Coates - lead vocals
Dave Irwin - guitars/vocals
Kev Charlton - bass guitar/vocals
Harry "Hiroshima" Hill - drums


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