To be quite honest, for the first few songs of Fist’s set I had a flicker of doubt as to whether this was going well. All uncertainties were interred, however, when Fist played ‘Turn The Hell On’. From then on the audience were never freed from the band’s solid grasp.

I loved the vocals of Glenn S. Howes…..a strange opinion perhaps considering that Glenn’s musical career was built around his guitar playing skills. In fact not only did he do the classic Fist songs justice but his singing seems to have its own style and personality.

For me set highlights included ‘S.S. Giro’, ‘Name, Rank & Serial Number’ and the aforementioned ‘Turn The Hell On’. All well-written songs given the dynamic interpretation they deserve. Apart from the set closer (more on that in a moment) the set-list was made up entirely of classic Fist songs despite the band already having some new songs up its sleeve. And the audience lapped it all up with heads banging frenetically, fists punching the air, choruses of songs sung in unison… just had to be there.

“There once was a guy called Lemmy and he was a rocker.” Right after Glenn’s brief intro, Fist proceeded to play set closer ‘Ace Of Spades’. And the audience truly went beserk. As I said, you had to be there.

Another thing I liked was that all the Fist members proved to be eminently approachable and down-to-earth, socialising with fans before and after the gig. The members of Ascalon and Seven Sisters were friendly lads too and wherever there was a riot they were never far off.

A great evening and triumphant return from an icon of the NWOBHM.

Fist was:
Glenn S Howes-lead vocals, guitar
Dave Irwin-guitar
Norman Appleby-bass, backing vocals
Harry ‘Hiroshima’ Hill-drums
The Vamp
Too Hot
Forever Amber
Collision Course
Dog Soldier
Turn The Hell On
Lost And Found
Devil Rise
Brain Damage
S.S. Giro
Never Get Me Up
Name, Rank & Serial Number
Ace Of Spades (Motörhead cover)

Rating: 90/100

FIST @ The Unicorn, London 23/01/2016 - Chris Galea - The Power of Metal DK .

U.K outfit Fist were a familiar name at the height of the NWOBHM genre in the early 80's, and one of the few to differentiate, inking a record deal and landing international recognition. And yes,they were connected to the legendary Neat label with a couple of singles and their landmark album “Back With A Vengeance”. As the NWOBHM genre faded towards the mid-80's, so did most of the bands it had generated. With the resurrection of old school Metal and the NWOBHM machine, many a band of the 80's are back in the spotlights, and so are Fist 'Turning The Hell On' with a great show @ London's Unicorn, featuring original members Dave Irwin (guitars, vocals), drummer Harry 'Hiroshima' Hill and bassist Norman Appleby. The band has a perfect match with lead singer and guitarist Glenn S. Howes hitting all the notes with a muscular voice, packed with a solid vibrato and a strong sense for melody, highlighted on the more emotive laden, Rock balladry of “Collision Course” and “Lost And Found”. The band grabbed a selection of their “Turn The Hell On” LP and the “Back With A Vengeance” follow-up album, alongside some classic single-tracks. Fist packed the place out and really got the crowd going with their heavier workouts “Devil Rise” and “Brain Damage”. The band closed their set with the classic “Name, Rank And Serial Number” with the crowd backing the chorus, and did another encore with a homage to Lemmy in the shape of the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades” . Fist truly are 'Back With A Vengeance” firing up a most entertaining set of old-school Metal that Rocks and grooves. 
Support acts of the night were New Wave Of Old School Heavy Metal acts SEVEN SISTERS and ASCALON.

FIST @ The Unicorn, London 23/01/2016 - Review from Metal Mosh magazine Paul van der Burght

It was a horrible night out in old London town this Saturday night. The rain was sideways in my face all the way to the Unicorn in Camden. I braved the rain to see the metal storm that is Fist. 

About 35 or 36 years ago a band from oop North burst onto the metal scene with their searing debut single 'Name, Rank And Serial Number'. They even breached Hadrian's wall and I got to hear them. I was hooked and bought 'Name, Rank And Serial Number' followed by 'Forever Amber', then their first album 'Turn The Hell On'. 

Big things were expected of the band as they had signed to MCA. Then nothing. Their next album saw them back on Neat records but it was very hard to get. They seemed to be one of those bands that I was destined never to see. 
So imagine my surprise to see them touring London via the Camden Unicorn. The four members of the band took to the stage and I can happily say they played to a packed audience. 

The band are Harry "Hiroshima" Hill, Dave Irwin, Norman Appleby and Glenn S Howes. This guy is a power house. Also a superb frontman who knew how to play the audience. By the end of the night he had them in the palm of his hand. 

What struck me about the band was how tight they were. You could have believed that these guys had been playing together for the last 35 years. Plaudits to the bass player for the rock and roll bandana, you do not see enough of them these days. Metal has always been my drug and it is good to see that power flowing through these musicians so much so it transferred to the audience. 

They played through the hits. Maybe not chart hit but fan favourites that drew metal heads like me to Camden. I never thought I would hear 'Forever Amber' live nor thought I would hear it being sung by me at the top of my lungs. 

Also they played their sloppy track but this is not the soppy syrup of AOR but a slow lilt before the bludgeoning might of the rest of their back catalogue. Then Glenn had the audience chanting some northern words. Anyone's guess what we were shouting but it was a lot of fun and it showed the ease of the banter of the lead singer. 

Last track of the night was to be 'Name, Rank And Serial Number', a blistering track that should have been a shining star of the NWOBHM. It is still a fan favourite but it should have been up there with 'Wrathchild', 'Wheels Of Steel' and 'Breaking The Law', the anthems of NWOBHM. 

A nice touch was the band coming on for two encores. the last being a fitting tribute to Lemmy in the shape of 'Ace Of Spades'. 

Most bands of senior years are quite happy to sail into the night of obscurity but not Fist. They are back and they are beteer than ever. Yeah they were worth the 36 year wait. 

FIST @ The Unicorn, London 23/01/2016, - Review from Metal.Talk.Net  Al Campbell

Next on the bill is a band, that has been on my ‘must see’ list for ages. FIST belongs to the NWOBHM scene and since I’ve had the privilege to be in touch with former guitar player John Roach, I finally have the chance to see and meet the band live here. Without John Roach though, but we will meet him next year, when he will cross the pond to play here with MYTHRA. The sight alone of the fist forming the letter F in their logo is truly awesome. The band started their career as AXE and come all the way from Newcastle, in the north of England. This band breathes old school metal and I’ve read some good things about their show at Brofest in 2014, so the expectations are rather high tonight. Of course you want to hear the old songs, but I’ve always been fascinated by the sound of these British metal heads. “The Vamp” is the opener and the set is filled with winners only and there’s no room for well-meant fillers. “Dog Soldier” and “Too Hot” are on next and it is with great pleasure, that I watch the guitar moves by Dave Irwin. I love the down to earth approach of these heroes. No poses, big egos or fiery stage props. Just great musicians, that impress the crowd with their skills. “Forever Amber” sounds awesome and I feel sorry for singing out too loud during “Turn The Hell On”, which is actually one of my favorites. From now on, we only get to hear classics. “Lost And Found” is already a golden oldie, but I think that “SS Giro” is one of the most well-known anthems, which dates from their AXE days, if I remember it right. After that, it’s time to sing along one more time and for the sake of the band’s name, I throw my fists in the air at “Name, Rank And Serial Number”. The hall explodes and I think, this is by far the biggest crowd pleaser of tonight. FIST is the best band so far for me and their sound brings back some great memories about the good old days. Oh, and by the way, these guys are great to hang out with as well, which we found out after the show and on day two of the festival.

Rita Van Poorten - - Keep it True Festival Germany 24 - 25 April 2015

And so it was time for the Friday night headliners. I never saw FIST back in the day so this was another highlight for me and they did not disappoint with a rocking but melodic set full of classics which included ‘You’ll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those’, ‘Dog Soldier’, ‘SS Giro’ and a timeless ‘Name, Rank And Serial Number’ with original members Dave Irwin on guitar and Harry ‘Hiroshima’ Hill on drums grinning throughout the set with Norman Appleby on bass guitar and the charismatic 2nd guitarist and lead vocalist Glenn S Howes who took over from Keith Satchfield. I’ve waited over 30 years to see FIST and hopefully will not have till I’m 81 to see them again".

Brofest 2 – Northumbria Students Union, 28/02 – 02/03/2014, Dennis Jarman Planet Mosh 

FIST, who originally started out as the band AXE, whose demise was at the end of 1978. Playing songs from their exceptional back-catalog, their set was chock full of hits for the old school NWOBHM aficionado. Their set spotlighted such killer cuts as "You’ll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those" and "Name, Rank And Serial Number" off the legendary single of the latter mentioned track. Two other songs, "Turn The Hell On" from the same name album released in 1980 and "Brain Damage" from theBrute Force compilation, were also part of their spectacular set. Not to be forgotten was the Back With A Vengeance album from 1982 and the tracks "Dog Soldier" and "SS Giro". A splendid way to end the first night of Brofest and making the mayhem of the next two nights even more eagerly anticipated. - 

Brofest 2 - Northumbria Students union , 28/02 - 02/03/2014, Rob & Amy McNees