Turn the Hell On (MCA November 1980)
Back with a Vengeance (Neat 1982)
Storm (Demolition April 2005)


"Name, Rank and Serial Number" / "You'll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)" (Neat April 1980 / MCA July 1980)
"Forever Amber" / "Brain Damage" (MCA August 1980)
"Collision Course" / "Law of the Jungle" (MCA January 1981)
"The Wanderer" / "Too Hot" (Neat November 1982)

Compilation appearances

"Brain Damage" (Brute Force, MCA September 1980)
"S.S. Giro" / "Throwing in the Towel" (Lead Weight, Neat May 1981)
"Lost & Found" (60 Minute Plus Heavy Metal, Neat November 1982)


Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology (Sanctuary 2002)