Fist were one of the first bands associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement (although, if you want to get really technical, they actually were a little ahead of this). Originally calling themselves Axe, vocalist/guitarist Keith Satchfield, guitarist Dave Irwin, bassist Dave Durey, and drummer Harry "Hiroshima" Hill first joined forces in April 1978, and by September had recorded their first single, entitled "S.S. Giro." But the young band soon lost heart due to the onslaught of punk rock temporarily taking all the attention away from anything rock and metal. Axe broke up however with the addition of new bassist John Wylie they decided to make another go of it, making a fresh start by changing their name to Fist. 

By then, a new wave of English bands (fittingly tagged the New Wave of British Heavy Metal) had turned punk's corner, and Fist's next single, 1980's "Name, Rank and Serial Number," would become one of the very first releases by local record label and legendary NWOBHM hotbed, Neat Records. Championed by Sounds journalist Geoff Barton amongst others, the single sold respectably enough for Fist as a result the band were signed to record company MCA. Another single, entitled "Forever Amber," soon followed, and come November Fist delivered its full-length debut album, "Turn the Hell On", and headed out on the road initially with none other than British hard rock heavyweights UFO and in time other major acts. 

After MCA hassles, Neat Records finally announced their return to both activity and their roster, however this would be with a new line up. Satchfield had been replaced by new singer Glenn Coates (ex-Hollow Ground) and rhythm guitarist John Roach (ex-Mythra) joined the ranks, while Wylie had made way for new bassist Norman Appleby. Thus retooled, the quintet issued Fist's second album, "Back With a Vengeance", which was released in early 1982, retaining the same rawboned intensity of its predecessor with a touch of melodic efficiency. Although well respected and loved with an army of fans world wide, the guys in the band felt that they couldnt move forward and in 1985 the band eventually split.

In 2001 original frontman Keith Satchfield formed a new version of Fist which included members of Hollow Ground as well as guest musicians. This line up released a new album, "Storm", in 2005. There was some initial activity however due to ill health the band remained inactive shortly afterwards. In 2013 Fist reformed with original members Harry "Hiroshima" Hill, Dave Irwin re uniting and re recruiting bassist, Norman Appleby from the "back with a vengeance" period. Added to the line up is former Blitzkrieg and Tygers of Pan Tang member vocalist/guitarist Glenn S Howes